Quality Swimming Pool Heating & Calorex Heat Pumps™ in Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Bathe in luxury at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Call Murtec ICD for quality swimming pool heating and Calorex heat pumps from our company based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Calorex Heat Pumps

Put your trust in Murtec ICD for the supply and fitting of the reliable Calorex™ heat pump. This product is used in public and private pools through the UK to ensure the temperature is perfectly regulated. Designed and built in the United Kingdom, the Calorex heat pump is now one of the most used pool products in the world. Some of the benefits include:

Environmentally friendly
Carbon saving as opposed to direct electric heaters
Up to 400% operating cost saving

Up to 34% operating cost saving against fossil fuel boilers
Up to 50% carbon saving against fossil fuel boilers

“Green” Technology

Delight in a luxurious and perfectly heated swimming pool that is environmentally friendly. Calorex pumps use specialist technology to heat your pool without effecting your carbon footprint. They also do it at a fraction of the cost of other heating process such as gas, oil, and direct electric heaters.

Certikin Heat Pumps™

Choose our hardwearing Certikin heat pumps to heat your pool throughout the seasons. These pumps work throughout the harshest months and even heat outdoor pools when there is frost outside. Some further outstanding features include:

New Jacuzzi - Swimming Pool Heating
Comes with titanium heat exchangers
Fully automatic
Quiet in operation
No fumes
Economical to run
Takes up little space
Kind to the environment
Requires very little regular maintenance
Heats public & private pools to 35 degrees centigrade
Comes with digital controls to change the temperature
Easy to retrofit to existing swimming pool systems

Superior Dehumidification

Maintain the humidity levels of your indoor swimming pool area. With the large volumes of moisture evaporating continuously in your pool area, it can be extremely uncomfortable to swim and can even damage your building structure. We recommend that you invest in a quality dehumidifier to ensure your humidity levels are kept safe and stable. Call us today for more information.

Put your trust in Murtec ICD for the solution to your dehumidifier requirements. Our heat recovery systems re-use waste from the atmosphere and then distribute the warm air into heating the swimming pool. This is a cost-effective and energy-efficient answer to your humidity problems.

Contact Murtec ICD for quality swimming pool heating and Calorex heat pumps that will ensure you have the ideal swimming experience.